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10lb box contains 30-40 premium pears

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Petite Seckel Pears

Seckels are the smallest of all pear varieties, but pack a punch of flavor into their bite-sized stature. The flesh of a Seckel is a dense, ivory white and particularly sweet; a perfect choice for snacking, pickling, baking & garnishing. In ripening, the olive green skin will take on a beautiful, substantial blush.

5lb box contains 15-20 premium pears
8lb box contains 25-30 premium pears
10lb box contains 30-40 premium pears

Receive a complimentary Pear Planker with every 8lb or 10lb fruit gift purchase.

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We commit to match every purchase, pound for pound, with a donation of fresh fruit to food banks that feed families in need!

10lb box contains 30-40 premium pears

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